This waiver must be accepted by all participants or by parents if under 18 years of age:

  1. I have read, understood and agree to all race rules and conditions.
  2. I agree to take part in this event entirely at my own risk.
  3. I understand that participating in this event involves cycling on public roads/trails used by other people and traffic and I am aware of the hazards involved.  I am aware that all roads are open, and that normal road rules apply at all times.
  4. I have read this entry form and agree to abide by all race rules and the directions of all race officials.
  5. I agree that the ride involves a degree of risk and to the extent permitted by law I hereby release the event organisers, their officers, volunteers, employees, sponsors or any other party associated with the event of any liability, financial or otherwise, which might arise whether or not by negligence, from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained by me or any other party directly or indirectly associated with from my intended or actual participation in the event.
  6. I confirm that I am experienced and fit enough to participate in this event.
  7. I authorise my name, voice, picture and any information provided by me to be used without payment in any capacity relating to the event and other promotions used by Upper Hutt City Council, Hutt City Council, and Greater Wellington Regional Council.
  8. I understand that the Councils are collecting personal information for the purpose of promoting Bike the Trail and other cycling events or activities the Councils wish to promote and that I can exercise my rights under the Privacy Act 1993 in respect of the personal information collected by contacting Upper Hutt City Council, Hutt City Council, and Greater Wellington City Council.

Please note, when you register for the event, you will be required to state that you accept this Waiver and Release Statement.

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